Thursday, August 19, 2010

New little pieces...

Here are a look at some other new little peices I have just created!!!
They are available in other colours,
Its nice to shoot, with someone else. My lovely neice is always so fantastic!!!
She's such a doll. We have her for a few days actually, wich is really nice. Her and my little man are like best friends...they love each other and fit with each other but always end up best buds!
Well its late, but here are some pictures!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Hammer TIME!!

New Harem pants for the fall!
Super Rad as someone said..;) ;)
Black, brown......any color really.

Next project turtle neck romper!!!! Gonna try it, yah yah.
Can you tell I'm a little out of it? what happens when you 2yrs daughter doesn't want to sleep and you end up sleeping with her the whole night on a tiny hard not really comfy bed!!! Essh not good. A tad on the sLllowwwwww today.
Check my facebook, got alot more new looks there also..

Friday, August 6, 2010


So there's this place called Mcfrugal...Wich I LOVE! Tones of vintage brand new things!!
Well my cousin's wife, went and got swimsuits, so cute! I had to go for myself,
OMG!!! I got this for Melodie...I had this! Seriously did. I need to find the picture.
I was so excited. I'm going back and buying them ALL!!!! mohhaaaahaha. joke. I wish.

I'm very excited to launch some new peices!!! Weather been too nice, and my little man is starting school and I feel I want all the time enjoying him.

Well, can find me at HARD CANDY BOUTIQUE in Qualicum!!! Fabulous by the way!