Sunday, April 25, 2010

LittleRed Riddin.....

Well since finding out I was going to be at the Baby Fair, its like the switch has been turned on again for creating my things. I was sleeping the other night, well might I say trying to get my 2yrs to go back to bed...wich is where I do alot of my creating., or brain stroming my ideas. I bought this rasberry fleece a few months ago in hopes to making a little jacket. Well I got this vision of this one. Melodie was being quiet a good model that day, I was very proud of her. My husband does take pretty neat pictures also.
This is one thats going to be hard to let go, but I most. Its okay, Im so happy when it goes to a new home that will be loved just as much..or as I would hope. :)
Here is monkey Sporting it....since then though there is flower details where the buttons are to make sure the stay on properply...looks darling though.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Baby Fair

Im very excited~! I got a spot in the Baby Fair!!!!
This will be my first all baby child related show....Im so excited. But I have little over 4wks, can you say OMG! I have a little collection already, but when I get ready to have shows, I always want to show all my ideas in my head and have them all done, but it never happens because I can never stop thinking. This time I'm not going to go over board, promote and just show what I can do.
Im very excited..have I mentioned it already??? ;)
Other then that life has been overly just too much...two ambulances ride for the same little monkey!!! My daughter. She is doing much better, but lets just say my stress level where very high hence I got very tired..what happens. I have somewhat fibromyliga...and stress and being tired really just doesnt do good. But I control it with some good natural stuff and sleep and good food. Coffee? helps.
Well this is it...
I do have quiet a few new peices, I will try and post them up very shortly.
Good night everyone.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tea Time Anyone? New Jacket

For Easter my babes got tea set from my parents. So CUTE!
I love tea time we play it all the time, it just keeps them bussy for the longest time.
We have this beautiful porcelaine one, ( wich with my youngest, not so good.)
Well for Easter my mother got her this Sock monkey set made out of metal!! Not sure if she loves it or its me...not but its great.

Then Sasha who LOVES Alice in wonderland got the most precious collection peice...Im horrible but I so scared to bring it out, its just too gorgeous It would break my heart if it got broken.

Other than that, we have been bussy, trying to get my collection back up to date, specially if I do get into the baby fair...The markets and just everyday sales. It's alot of work, but I love it. Wish I had more time though. I want to start to make little girls, vintage onepeice swimsuits. Looking for patterns on my outtings to thrift shops. Cross my fingers.

Well this has been a hard entry to write my daughter is on me wiggling and trying to snuggles...what happens when she don't nap....too many kids in the house today.

Also her is one of my new peices, I really like it. A late night again, turned out pretty neat.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter, Paques!!!

It's already Easter time?? Really? yes really?
Are you ready Valerie? ahhh no?
Lots of questions and yes I am not ready one bit! thankfully we are going to my parents house wich they make the most delicious food EVER!
Hubby and I are going to sneak out tonight and buy some goodies. Thinking a really nice set of coloring crayons for Sasha..also a chocolat and For my Melodie I believe a pretty little necklace??

Oh here is my bat scarf!! VOILA all done...kinda corky but its not too bad.
This is my newest Dress.....With a matching cardigan. I found the fabric at a vintage thrift store.

I LOVE IT! Very flowy...Wishes Melodie could keep it, But I can't keep it all.

Joyeuse Paques!! Happy Easter to you all.