Thursday, October 28, 2010

Snow Bunny and Ow...

I'm just LOVing making this rompers!
I know these are over the top, but OMG, its for babies wouldn't it just be so so adorable?
Think so!!! My favourite so far is my Bunny, Looks like a vintage bunny, so cuddly and so soft.
Then since there's owls everywhere, I couldn't but help falling in love with them. I really like finding vintage ones...I got a few lately and they look very handsome in my Kitchen, they help me stay happy during LONG rainin days!

I have been well should be sewing like a mad women, but its difficult with two children a house and cooking and cleaning and wow! And well I'm not the most organized woman. I wish I was I do my darn best but its my nature, I'm all over the place and my mind is here and there. :)
Halloween is coming! Guess what? NO COSTUMEs Yet? But most say we have been this way for the last 3yrs and we have had SO much fun! We usually all match in a theme. :) Either ALice in Wonderland this year or Magician...My hubby is going to be Chris Angle!! HAHA
Happy day to all!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Little Boys

My Lovely Brother, which I love more then anything..(Both of yoU's)
But one ordered a little jacket and hat for friends of theirs.
I finally finished and since I don't do many boys items I wanted to share. :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Im in LOVE!

I just stumbled across this AMAZING product!

I really really want it, thought I would share because wow!

Now I hope I can put their website up because its worth looking at.

I want it for chirstmas, for the kids....well even more moi! Imagine the fun! dressing up all those people! and wow! I can just see it.

I think it would go in my Sewing room to amuse my kids will I have so much to do..:) plus it would decorate!

Please tell Husband to buy!! hehehe
Go take a peaks!!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sweet Little Bundles..

I'm having so much fun making these little romper, onesies. They are made from upcycled sweathers, wich I LOVE to work with. So glad it winter..I know I mentioned it before. :)

I have 3 made up right now, I had the chance to try it on a baby, OMG so so adorable.
They are little sweet bundle that you can just cuddle and snuggle. Mohair is so nice for that. Same with Cashmere!!!

Well I mentioned them so here is a few pictures...
Hope you all enjoy them. Going on the hunt for more colours today. I still have this vibrant red orange that is so amazingly nice. really nice for a christmas outfit too, for babies.
Have a nice day..short week this week...if in Canada, we just had our thanksgiving.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Happy thanksgiving everyone...Hope you all had a wonderful time with your loved ones and friends and pets and whomever you had with you.
Maman Bidule...( moi) Is VERY thankful to everyone who has supported me, even if its just coming and glacin at my things, leaving positive feed back.I LOVE IT ALL!!! xxx
MERCI beauCoup.

Also, I have now 3 colours in the rompers for Baby. I just tested it on a baby this weekend...OMG! So so adorable. I'm really excited to see their turn out.
Im hopefully going to be bringing them in the Hard Candy Boutique in Qualicum, then also at the kris kringle Market...wich is coming so so fast. :)

Well, I will be going back to work....SEW SEW SEW!!! I love it.