Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I have a flow that is coming threw me things I want to make and create.
I love lace, and linen, wohl. I mean I just love a mixture of all kinds of textures together.
I love creating, little girl clothing that is just simple, but then yet complex. Soft colors, with some pops of vibrant. I have been inspired alot lately to work with upcycling old peice of clothing. I have always loved doing it, just latly been something I love even more .

Little mukluk fur boots, to a mohair aviator hat. To a nice 3/4 upcycled wohl blanket into a beautiful jacket. Leather boots. something I just wish my visions would come out how I want them too. But in the same time its the trille and error thats fun. I want to make a lace beanie hat with pink ribbon. Leg warmers and little spats. Spats are beautiful, I just love them. I know my little girl is in alot of dresses and with the winter coming, I will be loving them. I wanted to put picutres up today, but darn batteries. grrrrrrr.
Keep you posted on this one.
Have to go and tidy up before bed time.
A plustards amigo

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Once upon a Winter Hat.....

We all know winter is coming, the cooler nights, the breeze in our babies ears. If you are like me , Iam constantly paranoid about it. Even in the summer, I'm alwas making sure they don't get cold on their ears. ( comes from years of my mother always doing the same.)

Well, now comes a new task, not that I don't have enough, but I want to make a super cute-Stylish ( Sasha's fave word) Hat. I'm working on it, coming close, but still alot of work.

Unisex of course, but little here and there to make em girly or boyish.

Would you like to tell me what you think? Please please..I like them but what about you?

If I get good at blogging, wich is my new task, I want to share with all of you how to make them for a few weeks, get some inputs.

My other project, I love love love baby shoes and booties. I love em so much, I have trouble to sew them!! It just tickels my pickel when I can't get it how I want it to work. But practice makes ya perfect,.....hopefully. So I love upcycling, my husband, brought me into the world of trifty shops and all that great stuff. Wich I luv soo much. TReasure my friends. Here I am rambling...

Well I want to make shoes out of old leather jackets, anything. They already took a beautiful animals life, lets celebrate it and give it alot of lifes!! Let's make shoesS.

Here is my first pair, won't show you today, its embarassing. Organic looking simply, classic. I think it does. Melodie my daughter got a pair, she loves em, but they showed me I have some work to do on them.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Coming together

My sewing room looks amazing!!! I mean for being in a basement. I just always want to be there and sew. Its great. Specialy after this amazing turn out with the Hats 4 Mary. Wich thank you everyone who has purchased one. Even though my life is bussy with two little ones, having a nice place to go too just makes me want to do more more more. Theres something to be said when you do something to help someone. its amazing makes you want to just do more and to teach your little ones to give and help.

Right now its bussy trying to wrap my mind around all the things I have to make and get ready for. Kris Kringle craft fair is coming too fast. What to bring what to make, you know what I mean. To bring it into it all my Sasha is starting his firt week of preschool. I want to make him a backpack and a sandwich wrapper also trying to crochet him an apple cozy, Not working out so well. Even after like 5 tries. I got him this really cool vintage thermos for school. Love it!!! I love finding old treasures. I still sometimes can't believe I got my mother thrift shop shopping!! amazing. Maybe I should go, dishes dishes..oh did I mention dishes. Actually laundry too. Story of my life....and I love it!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Its too hot...

Its hot!! sooo hot. You know when it hot and you sweat from not even moving...
I mean, I know this heat I lived in Ottawa for a few years, its not fun. Some might like it but you know I like my spring days where the sun is hot but doesnt burn you.
I have been downstairs sewing....my oldest boy won't even stay home with me, he is always at grand ma's house, I mean I dont blame him. My daughter sleeps, lucky girl gets the fan and the cool room while mommy is soo hot that even floding laundry is like a task that can never get done. My husband..oh my poor husband...he is in a pizza place , it most be like an oven in there. I think of it and I feel sick. The heat is not my friend. I mean dry climat is different but this humid extrem heat...nooo way.
I did sew my cheeky monkey today though, I am very proud also. I was wanting to add him on here but I can't find any camera cords. I just hate thatwhen I can't find what I want. Grrrr. But not worth getting mad over.
Well I am going to go have a cold bath...

Monday, June 1, 2009

Sitting here....missing him.

You know when you found thatsomeone that is your other half...they are like your child, you want everything for them. Thats my husband. I want to be selfish and just have him just for me for a day..no distraction nothing. Just me and him.
I am not sure why I am writing this, I guess I just miss him today and writing about him, makes me feel better. I do go without him and I am trully happy and actually more then happy with everything. But missing someone is a good thing, because if I didnt miss him then there would be something wrong in my heart.
He encourages me thinkgs I am gorgeous...sure he picks on things but its out of a good heart..and I have trully able to see that now. No one believes in me more for my dreams of having my own bussiness...Heck Ive spent so much money on it getting going....Thank you!!!
Well here is my blog about my love!!
Je taime!

Friday, April 17, 2009

I need my mojo back...

Do you ever feel like were did my creative side go?? It slike its gone?? its inside me but it cant get out...I tell myself its because I have something really great coming..(wishes) (Hopes)
I want to sew so much, I just have all these things and Ideas wanting to come out, but my body nyself cant seem to get them out..I am in a RUT!! Me and a Rut no way..I most come out. What I tell myself. A good kick in the bum is what I need, but the only one who can do that for me is me! and trust me I am.
I think I am going to do the farmers markets..and kinda excited about it!! I just have things and want to make more thinngs and I need to have something to do with all of them. I think my husband is like.ahhh hunny, you always going to be making gifts?? If I had it my way, yes i would. I love making things for people and just giving gifts. GIVIN makes me feellls goood.
Well I will go and finish this little project I am working on..next is a blanket I think, I nice intercarte work..hmmmm lets see..:)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Windy Winter Day....I sewed cute little booties

This is my first entry...Not too sure how this is suppose to go..I guess I just pore my heart out??
hehehe. Well today was a good day. My husband works 6days a week now, So Sunday is our family day. We started off nice and early...Wanna hear some cool, we both dreamed that we got married to eachother again and it was the most beautiful wedding. If anyone know what that means let me know. anywho, got the kids feed, then we went swimming!!! yeah!!! Except my 10month old, Melodie...she gets cold fast, poor thing was shivering. But no less she loved it.
So did Sasha, he gets a little scared but he does GREAT! Visit to grand parents place, then home...oh on the way home my Lovely husband, I do say he is great. He got me a belated birthday present, we couldnt find anywhere!!! I was happy.
Then we came home, food again, then it was nappy time! Wich means mommy and daddy time.
Well my husband, wich his name is Brent by the way, he played his game with his friend and I sew!! I made the cutest booties..hopefully I can figure how this place works and I can show you pictures.
I have to run, my Brent is home and he took the kids out for some movies...