Saturday, March 27, 2010

Lost of new Adventures!

Its the weekend...Im bussy.
I love it though, hubby is home, lots of going out and just doing something nothing!

Not really because I have alot of orders to get done, Ideas that need to come out. Love it!

I have to talk about my day in Ladysmith with my mother. I got the best best best deals EVER! so much fun. Fab jacketS, shoeS, FabricS, Skirt,all I mean all 9items under 15$!!!! Can you say nice! So much fun.
Here are Melodie's new kicks, wich she loves...Girl loves her shoes.
Sasha got a very nice jeans jacket. Finally found one....oh can't forget her ken(barbie's man) Hat.

He got a new Ken doll and well he wants to look just like him SoooFrigen cute!

Working on hats right now, I got 2more to do. Then a dress. But I'm going to make another one

of those scarfs. I want to make a Bat. I did the sketch here, lets see how it turns out.
Other news, I might be doing the babyFair here in town. Exciting! Lots of work though. But I can do it!!!! Loves my challenges.

Most be gone...Lots to do...............pouffff......goneeeeee :)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I want to ride with you..

I keep seeing these cute little scarfs with animals on them...usually they are knittted or crochet. Well Last night after finishin another little outfit, I decided to make like 10:30 at night, I seem to do that. Then I wonder why Im tired. Anywho..I think its pretty cute, For Easter with a cute little dress and nice jacket. :) I had fun making it.
I might do some different looks to them, its fun sometimes to try something different.

We woke up this morning and made french toast!! yumm..Sasha and I thought so. Melodie was more interested in the strawberries.
Today we are going to go Ladysmith and get hair cuts...not me but Sasha and my mom. I want my little man to get a little justin bieder haircut. He just got this Ken doll and he is so into dressing up and he even bought himself a hat that looks just like him. I need to post that one up..soooo soo firgen cut. Can you imagine his is only 41/2...I will be something else. ILOVE IT!

Here is my news little outfit....She's a very femini and fresh.
I'm planning to go a GIveAWAy....TO whomever brings the most people to join the blog!! Post the most comments and brings peeps. Either going to be a Hat or scarfs??? It will apply to my facebook group too!! Excited to see the turn out.
Have a wonderbar today...XX

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Its the small things that make me the happiest!

Sometimes and most of the time, its the small things that just get to me..

Doesn't have to be the biggest more expensive or extravagent..or even the most sales.

I love it and think its the best, when I have someone just tell me I just think this is soo beautiful and they took time out of their day to tell me.

My sewing, I do it trully because I just love doing it. To have people like it...completly a total bonus. I mean I do what I love. To see it grow too, is so unbelievably exciting! Trully you should see how excited I get about comments and feed back..even if theres no sales at all!!! I get all excited like I won the millions of dollar lottery. :)

Things here have been picking back up...The babes are seeming to be wanting to climb the mountain but again. YEAH! But I think the antibiotics are doing a number on my babe girl's tummy.

We went out yesterday for a beautiful walk, and she got to sleep the whole time outside, so wonderful the great fresh air. I took these pictures when she woke up...Lol thought she looks so funny. She's all in Maman Bidule Collection, I love it. Makes me so proud. She's my best advocate too.

Sasha and I are making Maple oatmeal cookies from the"Right Diet" book. Can't wait to taste them out!! yumm yummm.

Hope you are all having a good day!! And thanks for coming to see my blog!


Sunday, March 21, 2010

What to write about?

I feel like I don't know where to start?
Been a LONG blog has become my little place, my two minutes of no.."mom..or hey this or hey can you do this for me...or Im hungry or laundry or ANYTHING! I write and get to talk about whats just for sewing or little quirks and things. Sometimes as a mom, I know we all feel that way, but I want a time just for moi! moi moi moi...
Like today, I would of loved to just went got a coffee, strolled the mall and just looked. Or even went for lunch by myself....I used to love doing that, and I cannot remember the last time, I got a minute for me. Don't get me wrong, I love being with my babes and my man, but I need some me time, to just do nothing that needs to be groceries!!! Well there Bladded!! Feels better! thank you
I been a workins alot on my collection....Loving summer time. Having fun with it.
Now I need to look into getting into a few markets this summer. I might venture to Victoria...if anyone knows a name or where to go for a good one. Just atleast once. Do a few here in town too...:)

I just made a mei Tai for an order...I really like it, its all done and packages up. Even made it a nice little bag..ahhhhh soo sweet right?
Stayed up late alot lately, sewing away. Gotten about 4new looks down.

Well here are some pictures....

I think Melodie is going to have to keep the little one she is wearing..Im too much in love with it...:) Baby needs new clothes too. Next Im working on making Sasha a sweather to match Daddy's new london fog Find from VV.
Lovely to be back....Thought I wasn't going to be able too, my computer almost went bye on us!!!
xx,we are back!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cabine FEVER!!

Still sick...when is it going to go away? trully really? I know this happens and kids can have up to 10colds in the season, but really? can my babes have a break? All these questions marks but its how I feel.Being stuck inside the house is not my all. I feel trapped.
I got the sewing room finally done the way I have been wanting too, still needs works, but much better. Loving it.
Got Melodie and Our Bedroom done, Sasha got a good cleaning. Made my monkey laundry, diaper bag. For my few orders I got right now. I unfortunatly didn't get much sewing done. Did start my Mei Tai today...been a while since I have made one of those..trying something new...did a huge cut out on freezer paper of my logo. Thinks it might look good. :)

Well nothing else much, I mean days are long and Im tired!! hard to have sick babes.
Alot of TLC and toopy binoo!!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Hop Little Bunny Hop!!

Well yesterday, since we have all been under the weather, I just had no energy to do anything..Well I mean house work!

So We were just hanging around, reading The I love Devon Rose Blog, wich I think is just great, I saw this little bunny she bought for Devon. So cute! My mom makes dolls, so I called her and said mom make something like that for Melodie and Sasha for Easter!! Of course she jumped right on it, cause she's just so fantastic!! I really need to showcase her dolls somewhere trully unreal.

Anywho.....Im just blahhh don't feel like doing my usual day, so I asked Sasha " hey wanna make a doll when Melodie goes for a nap??" SURE!!!!! was his response.

So We went to work....well I did...he got side tracked.

Anyways...Im proud, ain't she so cute?? I mean she far from perfect....Sasha did pick her outfit, wich looks really corcky.

Here she is...He calls her Fifi ( wich I know there's already a Rabbit call Fifi and I love her.) You can't make him change his mind.

Well I did wrote a whole blog about a Stuffed Bunny!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Antoinette's UpCycled Shirt...Lace leggers and bubble shorts

Now here is it..made it last, been huming and wondering what to do, and I just stopped thinking and took my siccors and cut!!! I think the out come came out pretty cute!! So excited to show her. I wished I would of tooken a better picture of it before and after to show what it looked like. I really do need to start doing that, then show the transformation happen!

Then I finally got around and made some lace leggers....Cute! I got a whole bunch of other colors, going to make a few and put them up on my etsy.

Then I worked on making a pattern for bubble shorts, love bubble dresses...I found again one of my treasures this old pattern book from the 80's and it has the most fantastic things..they just need some twicking..then voila!! Its fun.

Oh can't forget to show Sasha digging to make a pond! haha such a funny boy! Or find China..."What? you mean China is done there...." What did I get myself into now I had to explain, and if you know Sasha he full full of questions..Love it.
Well Im soo berry tired today.....Sick babes just is draining. Wish her to be all better soon..oxox baby girl.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

His name is SASHA!!!

So I have this little Angle that was brought to me almost 5yrs ago! Can you believe it.

I just feel like writing about him, makes me remember how amazing and special his is...A handful.

So Im just doing the dishes and he askes me..."mom is you were a lollipop what would you be called??"

Hmmm Sassy Strawberry? How creative am I!

Well he says I would be Rainbowtwirlqueenprincesssberry...and something else!! that boy has an imagination for 10! Love it.

and now he is telling...MOMMY Im HUNGRYY!!

I think to myself ?? already didnt I just make lunch?

well back to the stove I go, thinking breaky for dinner?? mmmmm good.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Upcycling is COOL!

So I love to upcycled!

I did this little vest for the sugar festival and they were a hit so I'm doing some more.

I just love making them they are such fun.

Lates one is a caramel color...Added big pockets. They arent all vest, some of pull over sweathers. I love it, trying to see if I can let it go, or keep it for hmmm

Here is my turkoise...I usually like more earth tones but this is great for spring!!

Going to cut out a black one tonight...see what can come out of it.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Itching for a camera!!

I want one sooo badly!
I can't wait, I want to take pictures, I miss it. But we have to wait...everything comes in time.
Right on alll the house has a stomach bug...Except moi! Cross fingers I don't get it!
Hmm jumped subject sleep a da do!
My beautiful husband has a magic show tonight for 300 peeps...Poor boy. I hope it goes well for him.

Well I got got a beautiful friend of mine give me all these beautiful clothing of hers to upcycle.
Its her daughters first bday soon, so Im going to make her some fancy new outfits. Got the jacket cut, not needs to be put together. ( its put together now...see...)

Hmm, this blog will be cut short, my baby girl is up...and CRANKY!! Helpp mommy hellp..
too cute for me. LEts go have a nice walk and breath fresh air.
A demain!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Spring Summer Dress

Okay, so spring is almost here...wich means summer is even closer. Dresses!! and pretty things and sleeveless and fun times.

I wanted to bring something new and well here it is! Hope you all like it. I think its swell. Im also just starting to go bigger, meaning not just size 2!! My daughter is growing up, so I need to make bigger. This one my first one, is a size 7t!! I think its just fabulous! lurves the big pocket, the gathering...the flowers. Looks pretty snazzy too. Thanks to my gorgeous boy ( he likes to dress up...) he tried it on. Looks great, wich means it going to be gorgeous on once, its on a special little girl. I will bring different variations of it, but will go somewhere like this with it.

size 2t to 12yrs too. How exciting is that.

Well hope you all enjoy it! I do, I have such fun.