Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I have to apologise! I was reading over my blog and since Not having a good working computer at hand, and having this new little gadget called a iphone, have you heard of them? Yes well they are wonderful, but autocorrect? Hmm, specially for a french girl=bad bad spelling!!
Here is my apologise!

BlogPress your the Best!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

I wanna wear THIS today!

Today is Easter Monday, and u had mentioned that I want to star doing daily outfits, but of Melodie, sometimes moi or even Sasha. Today I decided my Melodie looked adorable!
I'm always sewing, have made so so many peices and sometimes I forget about them, they haven't sold or I made it then put it away! Well today I took this one out for her, and she liked it, Bonus!

Its a simple ballon style tank top, that's a dress too! Made with this sweet vitange Sherman fabric! I don't know why I didn't keep this for her before!!

Then I paired it with some leggings, that have some sparkles...another huge bonus of my have! Other great thing....all Maman

I feel great when I gr her dressed and Shea wearing all of y creations. I want to teach her that making your own clothing and using and creating from all kinds of things is great and fun!!
I still have another dress made in this print!!! I will try and post it to etsy soon.

Have a lovely day!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

May today be a glorious day, may you remember that it's nit just all about choco but also that we are blessed and have a truly amazing gift.... Life. Appreciate it, and love the ones around you!
I did this weekend! The sun was amazing we had a beautiful time, and Easter has just begun!

Our weekend in bits...

We did some garage sale, with it comes break time at parks we see along the way...

Easter egg hunt at Church....

Hanging out, loving the beautiful day..

Dad and buddy havin a little leg stretch....

Past out!!!!!!!! She has been sugar high for 2 days!

Date night!!! Gotta love the picture, what dorks right!?! But we had a lovely evening with great friends!

Have a wonderful Easter, from our home to yours!

Xox Valerie

Thursday, April 21, 2011

My day..

Well I want to started Doing more daily things like "my day"
"melodies outfits" maybe even sneak mine once in a while and o course..... New peices to my collections!!!!
So my day today started like this.....
I was sad, I knew today was going To be the last for a while of having my mom close, so yes i know I'm a grown woman right? But I have always been very close to her. Anywho, we had a great day! We picked up Sasha early from school, went for lunch! Then did some shopping! Well some surprise shopping! She brought me to a beautiful store, so lovely, quintessential. Then said here pick a wallet you want anyone!! Really? Omg wow! I'm cheap and here i am getting this beautiful wallet!

Isn't lovely! Plus side reason why i got it made from 100% recycled bottles!

Bonus right?
Then we went to the park with the kids, we couldn't make them not go!

It was a glorious day! I think I even go a little sun burnt.

After did a little more shopping! Wow I was on a roll today! I think it's grieving Haha she not dying! Just going to be half way around the other side of the world!!!!!!!
I found a place to buy jeans!!!! I have a big booty! Well when u find jeans I'm happy! Happy dance! Then got husband some also! Oh and a peach hoodie! I love colors!
Then came home, monkey"melodie" feel asleep!! Know what that means! Up all night! Its okay I think I'll need extra cuddles! Then finally drew a custom orders designs, wich is such fun! Then replied to all my emails! So that's in part my day?!?! In a way!
Oh yah, saying bye was the hardest thing, i think I cried, crying threw this whole blog entry! :( feels better to talk about it, cause I tend to keep things to myself.
Have a lovely lovely evening!
Thanks for listening.....
Xo Valerie
P.s look at these girls fabulous sparkle shoes!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Just for fun tonight I wanted to share my little owl collection...
My favorite are my salt and peper shaker that have the olive green eyes,

I think it's because they were my first i got 2yrs ago, they started it all.

I dont want tones, probably why i only have this many since 2yrs, but I like em, they keep me in good compagnie in my kithen.
Have a great night!

Valerie xo

Dream Catcher DIY

I have few blogs I fallow of other mamas that have amazing business and sometimes I Do have to admit that i spend so much time just completely immerse in this or that . I always love falling on a new one that just captivate me. In case you haven't heard of lunevintage, she Amazing. Jill just create this DIY for a dream catcher wich was amazingly perfect timing.
My mom is leaving, wich I know has been all over everywhere, but shes my best friend and my oldest boy Sasha is extremely close to her, since knowing she is leaving he has been acting out in crying more or having night mares, my heart is broken thinking about how much he is going to miss her....

But going back to the source, he has been asking asking for a dream catcher, says mommy it's going to make me feel better. How perfect did this DIY? Especially she's leaving in a day, so I thought we will make one this weeken and he can maybe release some of his sadness in it....and well some on mine also. can't wait to make it and add little treasures in it.
Dream catcher

I am new at adding links, I really hope it works,
If not please go visits her lovely blog and store at lunevintage.blogspot.com

I will post pictures when we make it :)

Valerie xo

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

La Vie en Rose -I love you maman..

This song makes me feel so lovely and better, after having to deal with my maman moving far far away.
I wanted to share since its just so lovely and hope it makes your day also.


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Treasure chest event!

Today is my first event of the year!!! I'm excited, hopefully to maybe see some beautiful familiar faces??!!
Here is my little set up, I'm really liking it this time. :) makes me feel like it's me, a peice of me an maybe get a feel for what Maman Bidule is wich isn't just clothing.. A little of everything and in between. :)
Have a lovely Sunday!!

Valerie xo

BlogPress your the Best!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

My little Melodie!

So, I finally yes finally got my silkscreening going, oh but

I still have a lot of learning to experience to learn, but it sure is fun!
Last month I drew this little girl"melodie" she and adaptations from my favorite little golden children book. I can fly!
But her name is Melodie and she flies with her cat and little bird!! I'm even thinking of writing known adaptation to this image and make it very special and corky just like my Melodie. ( I will have to think of one for my little man also!!) along the lines of Astro Boy.
Well i most get back to work.

Valerie xo

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Give away!! On facebook

If you are and I you are not, I'm doing a give away today!!! It's going to end tonight at 7pm! Join my fan page... The link is right there to your right... See it?
It's going to be for a 40$ GC!
Good luck everyone I will post the winner here Also later on!

Have a great day!
Valerie xo

Sunday, April 10, 2011

My princess turned 3!!!

I didn't blog of mention my little monkey on her special day! I feel horrible, just because I usually mention my treasures on their birthday!
I will make it quick, but she deserves the world!
We ended up having to cancel her big party an just having a small family one, but she was in heaven! Hello kitty cake, and pretty dresses and new shoes!! She's such a Girl and I love it!!!! Might have something to do with the shoe obsession but hey I am a girl too!!! Here are few pictures, we have more on the camera but no computer right now. :(

Je t'aime Melodie....just the way you are! " I have a live for the song just the way you are by lady Gaga...makes me think of when I put her hair up and put on her lipstick ( she loves it!) and I tell her she's perfect just the way she is!!! So when I heard this song I feel in love! Because I love Both my babies exactly for the way they are!
Ok enough sappy maman!
Ps I'm still Alive if anyone reads my blog

Valerie xo

Friday, April 1, 2011

The sister Dress~

Since I love my bubble shorts, and they seem to be loved also,
I decided to create a sister for them.
Here she is!!
Have a wonderful weekend!