Saturday, June 18, 2011

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Vintage A La Maison part 2

Last week I did a post about how I love to use Vintage in my home.

Here is another great way to use something, I love my vintage Pyrex Coffee maker, but deep down, I know I won't be using it. I thought it was horrible to leave such a beauty just collection dust empty.
I thought!!! I know, I will put my fresh coffee beans in it. We go threw coffee so much that I don't really need to worry about freshness, although it is sealed pretty tight.

Hope you enjoy, and maybe give you an idea what to do with yours, if you have one lying around.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I wanna wear this today...

I love this one..
Shows her playful side, wich she has loads of. Also a favorite because she is all in my creations!!!! Makes me feel great that she doesn't need expensive high priced items to look superubber cute! Plus she Loves it and says... "awww you make this for me?"
Under the wrap top she actually has a tankini top, she hearts it alot. Comes with matching bikini bottom! I'm thinkin of doing a DIY all you lovelies!!! So fun so simple.
Here it is...
P.s arent these shoes the sweetest??!!!!!


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Vintage A la Maison...

I adore Vintage, I Love it all. If my eye sees it and loves it, I get it. Therefor its all kinda of colours in my home. :) Wich I LOVE IT!

I thought I would start Sharing how I use my Favorite Vintage piece in my home as a working piece, not just pretty on shelf. ( by no means do I not have any...)

The first one is My kitchen soap and Stoppers. I Really DISLIKE having the Nice old dishsoap bottle always on my kitchen counter. Therefor I decided to use this beautiful old jar. Now I'm on a hunt for a beautiful spoon to go in it. :) I think it so much more refreshing...
Then I use an old cup "soccer?" Gee Aren't I horrible then french yah now!! ( really not an excuse!) This way they have a nice little home to be place on.

I have a lot more, I cannot wait to share. I thought I would only do it once a week. This way I don't show all at once!
Have a LOVELY day!
If you use any vintage in your home, please I would love to see. Send me the link so I can see.

Valerie oxox

Monday, June 6, 2011

I wanna wear this

Too keep up atleast one thing!!! :)
Here is Melodie wear for the week, this is actually a funny one. We went for a walk on Saturday and stumbled on Garage sale....."ohhh shucks!!!" ;)
Well we found a Woody costume! "ohh maman!!! I love it!"
Then I thought do I even have money??? And how much??"
" its only 2$!" and I had exaclty that!
Soo fair to say she got the Woody ensembel!!!
To make it short, she feel asleep wearing it TO bed last night! And the only way I may take it off of her is to put it inside her Hello Kitty backpack! Then tells everyone " I have a Woody!!!" that brings on strange looks!
Love her she is priceless!

I only have one picture but have to share..

"There's a SNake in MY boot!!"


Thursday, June 2, 2011

My ROCK my Everything..

Tomorrow is a bitter Sweet Day for me, It marks a beautiful day, my favourite day of the year,
its the day I gave birth to my Beauitful Sasha!
When I say bitter sweet, I say in the context, that He is growing up so so fast!
He is going to be 6 years old tomorrow! 6yrs ago, This most amazing gift was given to me.
He was from birth my rock. He has always been so Strong, so Sensitive and the most caring little man. I wouldn't change him for anything. He has these amazing deep brown eyes, when you look into them, its like seeing the most purest thing there is. I know he is an old soul and has so much to offer this world. My husband and I always tell each other we can learn so much from this little man.
My hopes and dreams for him is that he never changes, always stays this pure strong, little man.
That yes he LOVES Fashion!! ( he is amazing at it too! ) He asked for sewing machine!! He is GREAT also. But I hope the world never changes him! As we all know the world can be a cruel place for children. Specially if they aren't as for say the "Norm". Makes me so so mad!!
Here is this amazing child, and because he has taken in life to love the beauty of it and surround himself with beautiful things, chooses not to be violent and play rough, Some would say? why do you let him? Why not???? This is OUR Sasha and this is him being ALIVE and happy and doing what HE Loves! not what he SHOULD Love. We want him grow strong and secure in who he is, which is Trully an amazing little human and I can't forget to Mention, BEST Big Brother!
I could probably write a novel of 100o pages about him and all he has lived is 6 years, but I think we can call learn from him and that is to LOVE one other for who YOU are! Because He teaches me that EVERYDAY!
Je T'aime COCO, de tous mon Coeur, je suis fière de toi! Tu es les plus beau Cadeau au monde.
De Maman Qui T'aime beaucoup.
I want to Share his Smile with everyone!
Tomorrow is His Birthday, It will be a Glorious Day!

My Sasha.........

Valerie XOXO