Friday, May 28, 2010

Working Workin...PLAY!

So much as been going on, then nothing?
Life with Two little monkeys is so bussy and amazing.....but these days with having the baby fair coming up, let me tell you, some days I want to scream AHHHHH>>>> How can I get this all done? Well with nice deep breaths and you know you do the best you can, with all your heart and it will be perfect?? right? its what I tell myself.

I was doing my bags made out of reclamed bed sheets, wich they still will be. Though now I also have Brown paper bags! YEAH!
My new delima, is that I want my logo on them. Hmmmmm think think think.
Got it, Well I think I do. I remembered an old arts project from grade 7, I digged I tell you!
I did One tester and if I can master it, I think it will work. We had fun me and my little man doing it. He was bussy making his own for his business, he is going to be such a little entrepreneur him.. LOVE IT!
Other then that, I have gotten 85% of my collection Tagged Washed and labeled. Pheww.
Now I might sneak in a few more peices before the show.

Took some pictures of Miss Daisy....Let me tell you those two have worms! They have been so hipper. Ever since they play together, they fuel eachother. Alot of fun to see, really is.

Had to share this picture too, of Melodie fallin asleep before dinner and Sasha snugglin his baby sister....Precious!! Precious!!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

My new LOVE...

So I decided to do some Distress Denim.....I'm loving it. Its so much fun. Time comsuming now, I understand why people sells hand Distress Denim for huge bucks!!!! Takes me almost 2hours if not more to do one. But I have a grand time. I'm thinking of doing a little video showing how to achieve your look. But till then, I will be show the BABY FAIR!!! Hope to have a great turn out. So much work is going into. Anywho..
I found these cute little jeans today, and I couldn't believe they where skinny legs.
I love them!! Melodie needs them....Oh wait, she's can have everything!!!!!
The girl has the biggest wardrobe ever, I wish I could have it.

I was suppose to put pictures of my new Pea Coat, I apologize if any of you, can to look for it. I promise to have it up soon. It's just too big for Melodie, and I like to have a little model. I'm waiting to have a little girl that can show it off for moi.
Tomorrow if my beautiful Mothers birthday wich I love more then life itself, she the just the most amazing beautiful human EVER~!~ Je Taime MAMAN!!!

I wish all of you a MARVV weekend. ITs been summer out here, I cannot believe it.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Old Dress...New Dress....

I friend of mine Gave two beautiful Dress she had gotten last summer, but unfortunatly didn't work for her...
Well I LOVED the fabric.
This today is the third little outfit I have made from those dresses, and since they were quiet long and big I have to make alot more..YEAH!
Well here is my little monkey modeling them.
ITs alittle too big for her, but thats why I made the strap adjustable...
I'm also working on another Cloak jacket in the Dandellion collection. Excited to see how it turnes out.
Hope your all have a great wonderful day!!
I think us its an evening walk, too nice to stay inside. But the house work!!! Oh well it wont move until later right??????

Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Husband The MAGICIAN!

I'm not sure if I have ever mentioned, but hubby is a magician..
He is pretty good too at it. Im not braggin there. :)
But this weekend he worked on a little promo video for his clients. I just thought it was great and wanted to share it with everyone.
Good thing we have a mac I tell you because, well should I say that we don't but they
inlaws do and they are soo soo kind to let us use it...:)
I have never uploaded video's before, I hope this works.

Also here is some pictures from our FAIR date, we had such such fun!!!
The kids were all eyes. I mean the crowd was a little older, but to see it all in the lights wa
s really nice. I have to say it was very nice fair, sometimes they can
be a little, well on the ruff side. I was impressed.
Hope all the mommies had a wonderful Mothers day!!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dandillions are in the AiR!!! ACCHOUUUUUU

Well it was such a beautiful evening tonight that after dinner we went outside for our routine, Bubble blowing....We most go threw like a big thing a week.
Then I thought!!! hmmmm perfect time to take a few next pictures of my new little peices I have been working on.
I have lots more, but I always love the change to use my inlaws camera ( MANY THANKS!) and take some pictures.
But Im soo allergic to dandillions! But it was worth it, got some cute pictures.
Then we went to have our little bike ride around the block, just loving this beautiful weather and longer evenings.
Also tonight we are bringing Sasha to the fair!!! He is soo excited. I myself the thought of it I feel nauseas!!!
Well I most run!!!! because Im already really late!!!
Good nights to all and too all a good night!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I do it in my sleep! Its all I do. SERIOUSLY! But I love it.
I got to bed and dream of something then wake up in the morning and cut it out.
Some Fantastic results, and well we all need some failures, and well I have em. But I still us them, my daughter gets them. She don't mind..:)
I made this cloak jacket, my son had his little friend over and well he loves sewing barbie clothes and she said..Im sewing a cloak for mine. Hmmmm I thought I can do that!
I'm very proud..:)

Looking forward to more new things.
Thai Fisherman pants, Harem pants..All kinds. Like I said My mind can't stop thinking.
Mostly OOAK designs. I just love making one of a kind. One day I will branch into maybe making more of one thing, but right now having too much fun trying out everything and all creating.
All is good all is great..and lets take those scissor and create.heheh just made that up. Think I need sleep? Me do!!!
Night nightssss