Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dress up is Always fun...

After reading I feel in Love with the gifts she made for her daughter.
since I had a little bday party for a special girl I wanted to make her some too, also for my princess also.
Actually mine is in LOVE with The fox ears!!! She's such fun!
I still have to make Tails for her too and a nice little suitcase...( hmmm better work fast here!)
I wanted to share!! Hope you like them.
Her hair is her doing, she wanted lots this morning!!:)
Do a Deer....
Bunny rabbit...
Little mouse...

Have a great day! I have a SICK hubby! so 3 kids for me today..;) XOX

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Forgot about my Valentins Goodies..

My Amazing man brought me and my Lovely mother to Victoria this past weekend, to see this amazing craft fair, I feel in LOVE! so many amazin mama's.
Anywho, I got to got to my favorite thrift shops! Yeah IMG_5235for moi!
I found just little things but they made me happy...IMG_5237
This sweet little squirrel..IMG_5239.
Then He bought me fresh flowers, wich are my FAVORITE thing EVER! I got to remake my center peice all pretty..
Have a great day everyone!
Sewing today a new top idea! Hopefully it works out! Crossin fingers!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Little of this and a little of that...

Here is just a little previous of well madness house of mine!! I love it!
We all been SICK so its been crazy, but we always have time to CREATE! and my mama has been coming over and spending afternoons making with us! so much FUN!!!
we made from old pillow cases into new Scarfs....
My mom showing of hers and her new bubble shorts I just made for her...which will soon be available too purchase! ( need to find perfect fabric!!)
Her bubbble shorts
Ain't she Gorgeous..
Also working on a special bday present for a sweet little girl turning 3!!! Just a sneak peak cause I have lots more work to do!
Rabbittt Ears...
Hope your all having a GREAT week...Im just hoping for better babies..

Monday, February 14, 2011

Sparles Everywhere, happy StValentines!! DYI Sparkle Shoes

Happy St Valentines day to everyone, XO
We are having a relaxing day, both babies have a cold. Sasha even missed out on a fun fun day at school. Not even bummed about it, thats how not well he is. Poor little man.

So we just made some strawberry cupcakes and watching movies..:)
XO to you all....

After reading this Blog..
I feel in love with the PINK sparkles, since my Melodie LOVES sparkles I decided to make her some for Valentins day! it was a success she was in LOVE!!
Here is how I did..
I used old White Canvas shoes..
then I added GLUE all over..USe this old tray to make sure I didn't get glitter all over...Didn't work been 4days of cleaning up glitter floors!!
Looked like this!
Did a few layers of sparkles........
Then I put this on top..
Hopefully it works, did 4 applications..
Then She had her SHOES!!! Mama I love em!!
Yeah for me!
Valerie XO

Friday, February 11, 2011

From old to New..

This is a new little peice going into my spring collections.
I had alot of fun making it, and my daughter adores it, wich sometimes makes its harder to loose. But then I think really? She has sooo much things from me, alot of the time things dont even make it out because she says " Oh maman I love it! You made it fo Me??" So how can I say no??? But trully she forget about it, well most of the time!
I just wanted to share it with you, Hopefully put it up for listing on Etsy tonight.
Im having a Sick day today, I got strep Throat!! YUKKKS. I think doing nothing is harder then doing something!!!
Hope you all enjoy!
Im hoping Im better tomorrow so I can go see a Lovely lady and friend of mine show case her amazing things at the foxfair in Victoria!!
my old shirt...size l
New Dress!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Project Restyle...

I have been TRYIN,my dearest best to participate in this little exciting venture, elsiecake and her star team has put together!
All I have to say is that it has gotten me more inspired then anything. I just want to make things ALL the time.
Its has even opened up new possibilities for Maman maybe a side thing Called J'adore??
its all I'm saying for now because i don't want to jinx it for myself, I way too excited!

Well here is One of my project I did last night....So much fun! Even if Im sick..YUK!!!!!! I still was in my room creating!
Hope you Love?
Kinda a hint at what j'adore will be!!


If you go on the Flckr group I also added another one!!
Also, please try this! its so much fun!