Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sugar Festival...

Another maple sugar festival...and I just love love love it!!! I don't know what it is about that atmosphere but its always great....probably being french canadian and seeig all this culture around you and this great music and food. Everyone too!
Thanks to them its a sucess for me...The feed back is just wow. I always doudt myself the day before, like oh no, am I doing this for no reason, should I just stay a closet sewer and keep it all...But after seeing the feed back and seeing peoples reaction...that they actually like it too!! soooo amazing, because they are all my babies and I just love em all. To me they all have a storie, I see them all put together, I want to talk about all of them. Because in a sence they do all have a storie. See I do babble..:)
Make me want to have my dream come to life even more...I see it, its right there. I threw out to the universe..I said here you go this is what I want!!! Worth a try, so far it works.
My goal...wich is going to be a hard one for me, is to get a blog going where I post all my peices all the time and have somesort of way to be able to purchase. Computers and I are friends, but friends on good occasions. We don't always see eye to eye.
Well If anyone reads this and maybe you were at the sugar festival...I want to send you out a very big MERCI!!!
I will post where my next showing will be!!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

I saw Mary today..

I saw such a beautiful thing today, little Mary with her mother.
I was just overwhelmed, to see her. I know I don't know her much but she trully trully touched us very deeply and we were so happy to see her. Words can't even say what I was feeling. I know I might sound like this big baby, but this beautiful little girl over came such a huge obstical and to see her, was the best thing ever. To Tanya and her family, we are soo soo happy for you!
I'm also sorry didnt even introduce my husband to you, I was just so happy that I just lost track.
But also a huge thank you to everyone who helped in purchasing a hat 4 Mary!!
We are still going to have them, and hopefully give the procceed go to other little ones that need a little extra help fighting. Huge Thank you!!!