Saturday, February 6, 2010

I saw Mary today..

I saw such a beautiful thing today, little Mary with her mother.
I was just overwhelmed, to see her. I know I don't know her much but she trully trully touched us very deeply and we were so happy to see her. Words can't even say what I was feeling. I know I might sound like this big baby, but this beautiful little girl over came such a huge obstical and to see her, was the best thing ever. To Tanya and her family, we are soo soo happy for you!
I'm also sorry didnt even introduce my husband to you, I was just so happy that I just lost track.
But also a huge thank you to everyone who helped in purchasing a hat 4 Mary!!
We are still going to have them, and hopefully give the procceed go to other little ones that need a little extra help fighting. Huge Thank you!!!

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