Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Un petit Matelot..

So its finally HOT!
We have summer here, wich is so fantastic.
Althought, with two shows in one month, means more sewing for moi.
Today though we went to the ocean and was it ever lovely. Sasha was right at home, that boy loves it.

We also have a new Puppy!!! His name is Chance...Because its pure chance we have him.
I love him..but I think this might be Melodie's little puppy, she won't let him go. So sweet.
Sasha poor babe, it breaks his heart that the puppy cries so his cries to bring it back to his mommy...or like he says lets buy the mommy too...
Well here is my new piece I just made yesterday...
I like it...its reclamed men's shirt and a little dash of yes I like it...
Plus with a whale how can you not have so much fun at the beach.
Well To all a good night...babes were late in bed tonight...the heat its difficult.
Remember Victoria this weekend!!

HELLLO Victoriaaa


Natasha said...

this is beyond cute!!!

Maman Bidule said...

Fank You!!!
Little girl? or outfit?
hehe just joking..thank you very much...
Thank you for following my blog! WELCOME!