Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fall is in the Air..and I LOVE IT!

Beautiful Readers...don't you just love fall?? My favorite time, is the begining of a new season, or in sorts the end of a season. I love Sweathers, and this is sweather season. I don't just love them for myself but for felting and well everything.

My new Love is now Elsie Cake!!! I cannot say enough about how much I think she is trully amazing, just everything is so smart. I have to thank her, trully for showing me and making me remember who I am. I got lost for a little bit, too much pressure of what people wanted me to be instead of being moi! Dear old Bidule. I am equlatic and I change everyday, I like all kinds of beauty and all sorts of styles. My works will one day be simple the next complex. I think that who I am....well it is. :)

I have been slowly FINALLY getting alor of new peices done. Surprisingly, smaller little peices, wich are making itching me to find a little ones to try them on. As my Melodie is now growin up so so fast.

My new goal is to Stay my heads in the Clouds keep dreaming and letting the univer give me all its goodness.

P.s My dear friend Melissa is going to Poland in 3 days to get a surgery done for MS, please put a positive thought for her if you have a chance in your day. We all want this to be a success!!!! MERCI!

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