Thursday, October 28, 2010

Snow Bunny and Ow...

I'm just LOVing making this rompers!
I know these are over the top, but OMG, its for babies wouldn't it just be so so adorable?
Think so!!! My favourite so far is my Bunny, Looks like a vintage bunny, so cuddly and so soft.
Then since there's owls everywhere, I couldn't but help falling in love with them. I really like finding vintage ones...I got a few lately and they look very handsome in my Kitchen, they help me stay happy during LONG rainin days!

I have been well should be sewing like a mad women, but its difficult with two children a house and cooking and cleaning and wow! And well I'm not the most organized woman. I wish I was I do my darn best but its my nature, I'm all over the place and my mind is here and there. :)
Halloween is coming! Guess what? NO COSTUMEs Yet? But most say we have been this way for the last 3yrs and we have had SO much fun! We usually all match in a theme. :) Either ALice in Wonderland this year or Magician...My hubby is going to be Chris Angle!! HAHA
Happy day to all!

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devonrose said...

great job, I love the owl! so cute:)kisses to you, Sasha and Melodie xoxo