Sunday, February 1, 2009

Windy Winter Day....I sewed cute little booties

This is my first entry...Not too sure how this is suppose to go..I guess I just pore my heart out??
hehehe. Well today was a good day. My husband works 6days a week now, So Sunday is our family day. We started off nice and early...Wanna hear some cool, we both dreamed that we got married to eachother again and it was the most beautiful wedding. If anyone know what that means let me know. anywho, got the kids feed, then we went swimming!!! yeah!!! Except my 10month old, Melodie...she gets cold fast, poor thing was shivering. But no less she loved it.
So did Sasha, he gets a little scared but he does GREAT! Visit to grand parents place, then home...oh on the way home my Lovely husband, I do say he is great. He got me a belated birthday present, we couldnt find anywhere!!! I was happy.
Then we came home, food again, then it was nappy time! Wich means mommy and daddy time.
Well my husband, wich his name is Brent by the way, he played his game with his friend and I sew!! I made the cutest booties..hopefully I can figure how this place works and I can show you pictures.
I have to run, my Brent is home and he took the kids out for some movies...

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