Friday, April 17, 2009

I need my mojo back...

Do you ever feel like were did my creative side go?? It slike its gone?? its inside me but it cant get out...I tell myself its because I have something really great coming..(wishes) (Hopes)
I want to sew so much, I just have all these things and Ideas wanting to come out, but my body nyself cant seem to get them out..I am in a RUT!! Me and a Rut no way..I most come out. What I tell myself. A good kick in the bum is what I need, but the only one who can do that for me is me! and trust me I am.
I think I am going to do the farmers markets..and kinda excited about it!! I just have things and want to make more thinngs and I need to have something to do with all of them. I think my husband is like.ahhh hunny, you always going to be making gifts?? If I had it my way, yes i would. I love making things for people and just giving gifts. GIVIN makes me feellls goood.
Well I will go and finish this little project I am working is a blanket I think, I nice intercarte work..hmmmm lets see..:)

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