Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I have a flow that is coming threw me things I want to make and create.
I love lace, and linen, wohl. I mean I just love a mixture of all kinds of textures together.
I love creating, little girl clothing that is just simple, but then yet complex. Soft colors, with some pops of vibrant. I have been inspired alot lately to work with upcycling old peice of clothing. I have always loved doing it, just latly been something I love even more .

Little mukluk fur boots, to a mohair aviator hat. To a nice 3/4 upcycled wohl blanket into a beautiful jacket. Leather boots. something I just wish my visions would come out how I want them too. But in the same time its the trille and error thats fun. I want to make a lace beanie hat with pink ribbon. Leg warmers and little spats. Spats are beautiful, I just love them. I know my little girl is in alot of dresses and with the winter coming, I will be loving them. I wanted to put picutres up today, but darn batteries. grrrrrrr.
Keep you posted on this one.
Have to go and tidy up before bed time.
A plustards amigo

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