Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter, Paques!!!

It's already Easter time?? Really? yes really?
Are you ready Valerie? ahhh no?
Lots of questions and yes I am not ready one bit! thankfully we are going to my parents house wich they make the most delicious food EVER!
Hubby and I are going to sneak out tonight and buy some goodies. Thinking a really nice set of coloring crayons for Sasha..also a chocolat and For my Melodie I believe a pretty little necklace??

Oh here is my bat scarf!! VOILA all done...kinda corky but its not too bad.
This is my newest Dress.....With a matching cardigan. I found the fabric at a vintage thrift store.

I LOVE IT! Very flowy...Wishes Melodie could keep it, But I can't keep it all.

Joyeuse Paques!! Happy Easter to you all.


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