Sunday, April 25, 2010

LittleRed Riddin.....

Well since finding out I was going to be at the Baby Fair, its like the switch has been turned on again for creating my things. I was sleeping the other night, well might I say trying to get my 2yrs to go back to bed...wich is where I do alot of my creating., or brain stroming my ideas. I bought this rasberry fleece a few months ago in hopes to making a little jacket. Well I got this vision of this one. Melodie was being quiet a good model that day, I was very proud of her. My husband does take pretty neat pictures also.
This is one thats going to be hard to let go, but I most. Its okay, Im so happy when it goes to a new home that will be loved just as much..or as I would hope. :)
Here is monkey Sporting it....since then though there is flower details where the buttons are to make sure the stay on properply...looks darling though.

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