Wednesday, June 16, 2010

summer Lovin' Jeans.

As I had written about a few weeks ago, maybe even a month....Sorry.
How I love to distress Denim and just jazz Em up...Well here are some pictures.
I wish I could of had put Melodie is all of them, but the coop wasn't been great lately for pictures.
Plus the pool being outside...the dirt, equals messy clothes.
I just started the Ones with the the ankor on the bum. Not completly done.
they also have a removable leggers at the bottom. Wich kind of give them a unique look and you can roll the jeans, or not and wear them a whole bunch of ways. Im liking it, I might make more like this, I have a few really nice sweather I will use.
I have a few pairs of jeans also, and they are boys jeans, but will be turning them into Boyfriend jeans for little girls, but with a girly twist.
Hope you all enjoy, Sorry haven't been postin up alot lately, I really need to get back on track. The nice weather has really done it to me.

Toodles Amigos

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