Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Boy is 5!!! sniffs

I cannot believe it.
I will always remember the day when Sasha was just a few days old and my mother told me...
enjoy this time because next thing you will know he will be starting school....My answer was, mom, seriously thats five years from now...lots of time. I was sooo wrong! Those 5years has just zoomed passed my eyes. I trully cried, and had a few moments. My boy, my pumkin is 5!!!!
Not too sure why its such a big deal 5, but its like a new chapter, he is going into the world in september and Im not going to be his main teacher, he will have his pears, a teacher and a world where he will fend for himself. A whole new ground for him. Im so very blessed and proud because I know he is such a kind hearted strong little man. See, tears right now. Wow!
He woke up this morning and said...Mom theres not more sleeps till my birthday and Im not four anymore, Im five!!! I just huged him told him I loved him and yes yes you are 5 now.

So his is five and so proud of him....I just hope I can pause the next five to not go as fast.

I love you My Angel, you were the best gift god ever gave me. I was blessed the day you came to me and forever made me so grateful and never felt love until you came around.
XXXXX Ta maman qui taime de toutes sont coeur.


devonrose said...

Aww!! Happy birthday Sasha! Hope you had a super awesome day!
Emily & Devon

Maman Bidule said...

Thanks girls! He did...still waitin on his BIG party though!
He is a party boy this one.