Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Birthday..A Review...Life's good!

As you might now know, my lovely mama ( which is my bests of friend..LOVE HER)
we go thrift shopping...We love it! Very strange since my mother never would step into a second hand store before. Now its has become our lives!! (sorta kind)
Anywho for my birthday we went thrift shopping...and I got myself....THIS~~~~
My owl, and my Vases!! Oh and my vintage luggage...Oh oh and my daughter very swee
t LEE's jeans Jacket!!! It was a great day!

To all my new followers! Welcome! I will be undergoing lots of changes these days as I am trying to adjust and make my blog better! Please leave me comments of what you like or not??

Im going to be bloggin more about my everyday life and how it inspires my pieces and my fines at thrift shop . Lots more also
I will also be soon doing DYI project and include instruction on how to make some of my creations!!! thought it could be fun! :) Or if I find really fun ones, I could share them with you.

Well Tomorrow is Monday! Sure did go by fast this weekend, how bout yours?
Natural mama review just did an AMazing review on Maman Bidule, if you go to her blog, you can enter to win one of my creations :)
My Facebook fan page..which is right there to your right, Im posting daily sales!!! Great things!! :)
Im rambling! Good night everyone!!

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