Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Hello everyone~!!
its a new Year, I still cannot believe it! 2011??? Seriously! WOW
I watch sooo much back to the future during the holidays.( the had a special! it played all the time!) and I kept thinking! See Cars should be flying and and and...but when you look at it, we aren't far from it! Crazy stuff!

Anyways....I haven't been the best lately! I need to get better! Holidays are now done!
Im going to be finishing up orders and working on what will be coming next!
Im excited! First though my sewing room is getting a complete overall make over!!! I just feel crowed and not good!

I will be posting pictures soon!!!
Also, I love seeing little ones wearing my creations, if you got some for xmas and want to share I WOUld LOVE IT!!!!! you can post them on my Facebook fan page, or send them to me, at mamanbidule@shaw.ca

Loves to all!!!!

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