Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Baby Doll....

If you haven't noticed yet. I always doing new things and making new things..I get excited way too fast and can't just always make the same thing over and over. But don't get me wrong, I do love to remake things. Actually working on staying more focus...HARD!

Anywho, I found this amazing vintage pattern and lithesome modifications, I got this!!! Its for a sweet little girl, but I like them so much Im going to make more!!!
Working on an Army print one right, I know Army print but its so light and well I thought it could be fun. And Make it girly at the same time.

Also Cut two more of the balloon shorts. I have to get ready for the summer season and sending things to few places.
I aslo want to hit a few markets this summer!!!

Here is the pictures! I hand draw on them, makes em a little "special" I know my daughter felt very special having something so "pretty" :)
My logo in sorts..
Vintage elastic lace...Boy I wish I didn't have to run out of this!!!
Super soft (Bra) Elastic for straps.
Hope you all are enjoying!
Thank you for having patience with me as I TRY to get my Blog beautified!!!!
Next is a WEbSite!!
Valerie XO

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devonrose said...

Great job, Valerie! Those little bloomers are adorable and I love your little flower logo on the cute!!!