Friday, March 18, 2011

A Hopeful "Look Book"

Lately, I have been really wanting to CREATE a Look Book. Create Seasonal looks and make a collection. I have always wanted always draw them out, but my mind always is all over and I end up making a lot of different pieces.
Now I want it BAD! so I have told myself you are to create a few looks and MAKE THEM! and not just one!!! but a run size of 2yrs to about 5yrs. Not set in stone, but in that range. Also smaller little sizes.
I want a Webpage, I want to do a photo shoot!!! I want it so badly I can taste it!!
Here is the first 4 pieces to the collection and the drawings that got it started!! Also more boys!!
I love Feed BACK!!! :) hint hint!!

My silkscreening machine is coming this week!! HORRAY!!!

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