Thursday, September 3, 2009

Coming together

My sewing room looks amazing!!! I mean for being in a basement. I just always want to be there and sew. Its great. Specialy after this amazing turn out with the Hats 4 Mary. Wich thank you everyone who has purchased one. Even though my life is bussy with two little ones, having a nice place to go too just makes me want to do more more more. Theres something to be said when you do something to help someone. its amazing makes you want to just do more and to teach your little ones to give and help.

Right now its bussy trying to wrap my mind around all the things I have to make and get ready for. Kris Kringle craft fair is coming too fast. What to bring what to make, you know what I mean. To bring it into it all my Sasha is starting his firt week of preschool. I want to make him a backpack and a sandwich wrapper also trying to crochet him an apple cozy, Not working out so well. Even after like 5 tries. I got him this really cool vintage thermos for school. Love it!!! I love finding old treasures. I still sometimes can't believe I got my mother thrift shop shopping!! amazing. Maybe I should go, dishes dishes..oh did I mention dishes. Actually laundry too. Story of my life....and I love it!!!

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