Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Once upon a Winter Hat.....

We all know winter is coming, the cooler nights, the breeze in our babies ears. If you are like me , Iam constantly paranoid about it. Even in the summer, I'm alwas making sure they don't get cold on their ears. ( comes from years of my mother always doing the same.)

Well, now comes a new task, not that I don't have enough, but I want to make a super cute-Stylish ( Sasha's fave word) Hat. I'm working on it, coming close, but still alot of work.

Unisex of course, but little here and there to make em girly or boyish.

Would you like to tell me what you think? Please please..I like them but what about you?

If I get good at blogging, wich is my new task, I want to share with all of you how to make them for a few weeks, get some inputs.

My other project, I love love love baby shoes and booties. I love em so much, I have trouble to sew them!! It just tickels my pickel when I can't get it how I want it to work. But practice makes ya perfect,.....hopefully. So I love upcycling, my husband, brought me into the world of trifty shops and all that great stuff. Wich I luv soo much. TReasure my friends. Here I am rambling...

Well I want to make shoes out of old leather jackets, anything. They already took a beautiful animals life, lets celebrate it and give it alot of lifes!! Let's make shoesS.

Here is my first pair, won't show you today, its embarassing. Organic looking simply, classic. I think it does. Melodie my daughter got a pair, she loves em, but they showed me I have some work to do on them.

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