Saturday, March 27, 2010

Lost of new Adventures!

Its the weekend...Im bussy.
I love it though, hubby is home, lots of going out and just doing something nothing!

Not really because I have alot of orders to get done, Ideas that need to come out. Love it!

I have to talk about my day in Ladysmith with my mother. I got the best best best deals EVER! so much fun. Fab jacketS, shoeS, FabricS, Skirt,all I mean all 9items under 15$!!!! Can you say nice! So much fun.
Here are Melodie's new kicks, wich she loves...Girl loves her shoes.
Sasha got a very nice jeans jacket. Finally found one....oh can't forget her ken(barbie's man) Hat.

He got a new Ken doll and well he wants to look just like him SoooFrigen cute!

Working on hats right now, I got 2more to do. Then a dress. But I'm going to make another one

of those scarfs. I want to make a Bat. I did the sketch here, lets see how it turns out.
Other news, I might be doing the babyFair here in town. Exciting! Lots of work though. But I can do it!!!! Loves my challenges.

Most be gone...Lots to do...............pouffff......goneeeeee :)


devonrose said...

oh my! How cute is Mr Sasha in his hat! BTW, let me just tell you how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE your "heart on a sleeve" jacket! Beautiful! Hope you and the kiddos are having a super happy day:)

Maman Bidule said...

He Cracks me up..he knows what he wants and let me tell you he wont stop till he gets it..LOVE IT.
Fanks!!I wish it was my size, Im actually going to be making one but long for my mother. Experiment, we will see how it turns out. :)
We are having a SUPERB day we are going thrift shopping with my momma's..looking for antique dress for Sasha bedroom.
Hope you are little miss Devon are enjoyin all the GORGEOUS SUNSHINE I EnVY you guys sooo much, so wet here.