Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I do it in my sleep! Its all I do. SERIOUSLY! But I love it.
I got to bed and dream of something then wake up in the morning and cut it out.
Some Fantastic results, and well we all need some failures, and well I have em. But I still us them, my daughter gets them. She don't mind..:)
I made this cloak jacket, my son had his little friend over and well he loves sewing barbie clothes and she said..Im sewing a cloak for mine. Hmmmm I thought I can do that!
I'm very proud..:)

Looking forward to more new things.
Thai Fisherman pants, Harem pants..All kinds. Like I said My mind can't stop thinking.
Mostly OOAK designs. I just love making one of a kind. One day I will branch into maybe making more of one thing, but right now having too much fun trying out everything and all creating.
All is good all is great..and lets take those scissor and create.heheh just made that up. Think I need sleep? Me do!!!
Night nightssss

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