Friday, May 28, 2010

Working Workin...PLAY!

So much as been going on, then nothing?
Life with Two little monkeys is so bussy and amazing.....but these days with having the baby fair coming up, let me tell you, some days I want to scream AHHHHH>>>> How can I get this all done? Well with nice deep breaths and you know you do the best you can, with all your heart and it will be perfect?? right? its what I tell myself.

I was doing my bags made out of reclamed bed sheets, wich they still will be. Though now I also have Brown paper bags! YEAH!
My new delima, is that I want my logo on them. Hmmmmm think think think.
Got it, Well I think I do. I remembered an old arts project from grade 7, I digged I tell you!
I did One tester and if I can master it, I think it will work. We had fun me and my little man doing it. He was bussy making his own for his business, he is going to be such a little entrepreneur him.. LOVE IT!
Other then that, I have gotten 85% of my collection Tagged Washed and labeled. Pheww.
Now I might sneak in a few more peices before the show.

Took some pictures of Miss Daisy....Let me tell you those two have worms! They have been so hipper. Ever since they play together, they fuel eachother. Alot of fun to see, really is.

Had to share this picture too, of Melodie fallin asleep before dinner and Sasha snugglin his baby sister....Precious!! Precious!!!

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