Thursday, February 10, 2011

Project Restyle...

I have been TRYIN,my dearest best to participate in this little exciting venture, elsiecake and her star team has put together!
All I have to say is that it has gotten me more inspired then anything. I just want to make things ALL the time.
Its has even opened up new possibilities for Maman maybe a side thing Called J'adore??
its all I'm saying for now because i don't want to jinx it for myself, I way too excited!

Well here is One of my project I did last night....So much fun! Even if Im sick..YUK!!!!!! I still was in my room creating!
Hope you Love?
Kinda a hint at what j'adore will be!!


If you go on the Flckr group I also added another one!!
Also, please try this! its so much fun!

1 comment:

lexylou said...

Love it Babe! You are SOOOOOOOO crafty!