Monday, February 14, 2011

Sparles Everywhere, happy StValentines!! DYI Sparkle Shoes

Happy St Valentines day to everyone, XO
We are having a relaxing day, both babies have a cold. Sasha even missed out on a fun fun day at school. Not even bummed about it, thats how not well he is. Poor little man.

So we just made some strawberry cupcakes and watching movies..:)
XO to you all....

After reading this Blog..
I feel in love with the PINK sparkles, since my Melodie LOVES sparkles I decided to make her some for Valentins day! it was a success she was in LOVE!!
Here is how I did..
I used old White Canvas shoes..
then I added GLUE all over..USe this old tray to make sure I didn't get glitter all over...Didn't work been 4days of cleaning up glitter floors!!
Looked like this!
Did a few layers of sparkles........
Then I put this on top..
Hopefully it works, did 4 applications..
Then She had her SHOES!!! Mama I love em!!
Yeah for me!
Valerie XO

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