Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I wanna WEAR this Today!!!

This is my second I wanna wear this today...
My Melodie is the best! Having me making her clothes since she is just a little baby she has grow to LOVE clothes!
So for today I thought I would should you a collection of her favourite items she like to wear. Fun for me also to go back and see how much she has grown!
This one is her FAVORITE she calls it her DORA dress? I have no clue why?
She only likes the Jacket!! Wich is my creations...She says its my "ROHO" (red) jacket....She only says her colours in Spanish....Thanks DORA!!! Isn't her Brother a HAM!
This one I can wake up most mornings to QUEEN Melodie...Wish you could see the shoes!!
Or you have days where every single hair accessories are in at once..( this two are BEST FRIENDS!!)
Last but not least, because we have ALOT of favourite..I cannot forget Her "Alice Dress!" Wich she then changes her accents an say hello I Alice!!!IMG_4342

So this is my post for I wanna WEar this today...
Hope you all have a lovely lovely day!