Thursday, May 26, 2011

A new Dress!

Yesterday I had both my little ones at home. Been fighting colds this year Like CRAZY!
That being said, I was rocking my Melodie so she would have a nap. Brainstorming comes best at that time, because I get mad that I'm not in my room creating, therefor I think of new ideas.

It's an adaptation of my Sister dress with some flare. I had fun making it, and well I always know its a hit if she Wants to wear it....Wich as you can see she LOVED IT!
Might be the fact that I made from a super soft Bamboo French Terry, or that it twirls with her.

I wanted to share, this is a RUFF rough one, just playing with my patterns. Going to line my next hood and make it a lot more clean. I think I will try and have some available soon. :)
First I do need to concentrate of ORDERS! But when I'm stressed or tired, I need to create something new to feel productive.
Have a great day!

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Pamplemousse1983 said...

that is really cute! I love the halter hood idea!