Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I Love Myself because....

Everyday I have my favourite Blogs I like to sneak at and read, some are for Fashion, some for ideas some because I think the person behind it is just interesting. As probably most of us do..

Well yesterday, upon my usual read I Read Jill's Post and I thought I was Wonderful and maybe good thing for me right now. Because I have been really hard of myself lately to loose this weight that DIDN'T come off after my second! I embrace my new size, but deep down I wish I was still my norm weight!!

So today I say I LOVE MYSELF, because I have beautiful curves! Yes my bum is a nice full one and Yes I might have bigger arms and well little extra everywhere, but I LOVE myself! I've always been very positive about my appearance, even if I want never a small girl. I always had a big "Butt" that I was teased so much about by my brothers!! Deep down, I was always self conscious. After Reading this blog I had the The light bulb thingy! I always say I'm okay! but really I wasn't, but as of TODAY, its a new page and I LOVE MYSELF

This is a picture that I am "LEARNING" to LOVE~
Posting it is a Step TO Trully LOVING myself.
Pass the Love Around and go visit Be one of a kind maybe your story will help someone else like Jill's did to me.

Avec Amour,
Valerie XO


victoria hughes said...

so glad you are part of our spread [your] love project :)
let's keep the love going! you are truly beautiful!

xo. victoria of garden of eden designs

Maman Bidule said...

So are you! XO
Thank you for doing this amazing project,
Theres nothing better then Sending LOVE out there, lets keep it going STRONG!


mummarazzi said...

very true, Im learning to embrace the new curves that come with the blessing of becoming a mumma. thanx for the post :) Im your new follower by the way!