Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Vintage A la Maison...

I adore Vintage, I Love it all. If my eye sees it and loves it, I get it. Therefor its all kinda of colours in my home. :) Wich I LOVE IT!

I thought I would start Sharing how I use my Favorite Vintage piece in my home as a working piece, not just pretty on shelf. ( by no means do I not have any...)

The first one is My kitchen soap and Stoppers. I Really DISLIKE having the Nice old dishsoap bottle always on my kitchen counter. Therefor I decided to use this beautiful old jar. Now I'm on a hunt for a beautiful spoon to go in it. :) I think it so much more refreshing...
Then I use an old cup "soccer?" Gee Aren't I horrible then french yah now!! ( really not an excuse!) This way they have a nice little home to be place on.

I have a lot more, I cannot wait to share. I thought I would only do it once a week. This way I don't show all at once!
Have a LOVELY day!
If you use any vintage in your home, please I would love to see. Send me the link so I can see.

Valerie oxox

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