Monday, June 6, 2011

I wanna wear this

Too keep up atleast one thing!!! :)
Here is Melodie wear for the week, this is actually a funny one. We went for a walk on Saturday and stumbled on Garage sale....."ohhh shucks!!!" ;)
Well we found a Woody costume! "ohh maman!!! I love it!"
Then I thought do I even have money??? And how much??"
" its only 2$!" and I had exaclty that!
Soo fair to say she got the Woody ensembel!!!
To make it short, she feel asleep wearing it TO bed last night! And the only way I may take it off of her is to put it inside her Hello Kitty backpack! Then tells everyone " I have a Woody!!!" that brings on strange looks!
Love her she is priceless!

I only have one picture but have to share..

"There's a SNake in MY boot!!"


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