Saturday, May 15, 2010

My new LOVE...

So I decided to do some Distress Denim.....I'm loving it. Its so much fun. Time comsuming now, I understand why people sells hand Distress Denim for huge bucks!!!! Takes me almost 2hours if not more to do one. But I have a grand time. I'm thinking of doing a little video showing how to achieve your look. But till then, I will be show the BABY FAIR!!! Hope to have a great turn out. So much work is going into. Anywho..
I found these cute little jeans today, and I couldn't believe they where skinny legs.
I love them!! Melodie needs them....Oh wait, she's can have everything!!!!!
The girl has the biggest wardrobe ever, I wish I could have it.

I was suppose to put pictures of my new Pea Coat, I apologize if any of you, can to look for it. I promise to have it up soon. It's just too big for Melodie, and I like to have a little model. I'm waiting to have a little girl that can show it off for moi.
Tomorrow if my beautiful Mothers birthday wich I love more then life itself, she the just the most amazing beautiful human EVER~!~ Je Taime MAMAN!!!

I wish all of you a MARVV weekend. ITs been summer out here, I cannot believe it.

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