Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dandillions are in the AiR!!! ACCHOUUUUUU

Well it was such a beautiful evening tonight that after dinner we went outside for our routine, Bubble blowing....We most go threw like a big thing a week.
Then I thought!!! hmmmm perfect time to take a few next pictures of my new little peices I have been working on.
I have lots more, but I always love the change to use my inlaws camera ( MANY THANKS!) and take some pictures.
But Im soo allergic to dandillions! But it was worth it, got some cute pictures.
Then we went to have our little bike ride around the block, just loving this beautiful weather and longer evenings.
Also tonight we are bringing Sasha to the fair!!! He is soo excited. I myself the thought of it I feel nauseas!!!
Well I most run!!!! because Im already really late!!!
Good nights to all and too all a good night!

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devonrose said...

LOVE the jacket! Great work! Thanks so much for your super sweet comment, and Devon and I hope you have a super awesome Mommy day!!!