Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

May today be a glorious day, may you remember that it's nit just all about choco but also that we are blessed and have a truly amazing gift.... Life. Appreciate it, and love the ones around you!
I did this weekend! The sun was amazing we had a beautiful time, and Easter has just begun!

Our weekend in bits...

We did some garage sale, with it comes break time at parks we see along the way...

Easter egg hunt at Church....

Hanging out, loving the beautiful day..

Dad and buddy havin a little leg stretch....

Past out!!!!!!!! She has been sugar high for 2 days!

Date night!!! Gotta love the picture, what dorks right!?! But we had a lovely evening with great friends!

Have a wonderful Easter, from our home to yours!

Xox Valerie

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