Thursday, April 21, 2011

My day..

Well I want to started Doing more daily things like "my day"
"melodies outfits" maybe even sneak mine once in a while and o course..... New peices to my collections!!!!
So my day today started like this.....
I was sad, I knew today was going To be the last for a while of having my mom close, so yes i know I'm a grown woman right? But I have always been very close to her. Anywho, we had a great day! We picked up Sasha early from school, went for lunch! Then did some shopping! Well some surprise shopping! She brought me to a beautiful store, so lovely, quintessential. Then said here pick a wallet you want anyone!! Really? Omg wow! I'm cheap and here i am getting this beautiful wallet!

Isn't lovely! Plus side reason why i got it made from 100% recycled bottles!

Bonus right?
Then we went to the park with the kids, we couldn't make them not go!

It was a glorious day! I think I even go a little sun burnt.

After did a little more shopping! Wow I was on a roll today! I think it's grieving Haha she not dying! Just going to be half way around the other side of the world!!!!!!!
I found a place to buy jeans!!!! I have a big booty! Well when u find jeans I'm happy! Happy dance! Then got husband some also! Oh and a peach hoodie! I love colors!
Then came home, monkey"melodie" feel asleep!! Know what that means! Up all night! Its okay I think I'll need extra cuddles! Then finally drew a custom orders designs, wich is such fun! Then replied to all my emails! So that's in part my day?!?! In a way!
Oh yah, saying bye was the hardest thing, i think I cried, crying threw this whole blog entry! :( feels better to talk about it, cause I tend to keep things to myself.
Have a lovely lovely evening!
Thanks for listening.....
Xo Valerie
P.s look at these girls fabulous sparkle shoes!!

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