Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dream Catcher DIY

I have few blogs I fallow of other mamas that have amazing business and sometimes I Do have to admit that i spend so much time just completely immerse in this or that . I always love falling on a new one that just captivate me. In case you haven't heard of lunevintage, she Amazing. Jill just create this DIY for a dream catcher wich was amazingly perfect timing.
My mom is leaving, wich I know has been all over everywhere, but shes my best friend and my oldest boy Sasha is extremely close to her, since knowing she is leaving he has been acting out in crying more or having night mares, my heart is broken thinking about how much he is going to miss her....

But going back to the source, he has been asking asking for a dream catcher, says mommy it's going to make me feel better. How perfect did this DIY? Especially she's leaving in a day, so I thought we will make one this weeken and he can maybe release some of his sadness in it....and well some on mine also. can't wait to make it and add little treasures in it.
Dream catcher

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I will post pictures when we make it :)

Valerie xo

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