Thursday, March 25, 2010

I want to ride with you..

I keep seeing these cute little scarfs with animals on them...usually they are knittted or crochet. Well Last night after finishin another little outfit, I decided to make like 10:30 at night, I seem to do that. Then I wonder why Im tired. Anywho..I think its pretty cute, For Easter with a cute little dress and nice jacket. :) I had fun making it.
I might do some different looks to them, its fun sometimes to try something different.

We woke up this morning and made french toast!! yumm..Sasha and I thought so. Melodie was more interested in the strawberries.
Today we are going to go Ladysmith and get hair cuts...not me but Sasha and my mom. I want my little man to get a little justin bieder haircut. He just got this Ken doll and he is so into dressing up and he even bought himself a hat that looks just like him. I need to post that one up..soooo soo firgen cut. Can you imagine his is only 41/2...I will be something else. ILOVE IT!

Here is my news little outfit....She's a very femini and fresh.
I'm planning to go a GIveAWAy....TO whomever brings the most people to join the blog!! Post the most comments and brings peeps. Either going to be a Hat or scarfs??? It will apply to my facebook group too!! Excited to see the turn out.
Have a wonderbar today...XX

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