Wednesday, March 10, 2010

His name is SASHA!!!

So I have this little Angle that was brought to me almost 5yrs ago! Can you believe it.

I just feel like writing about him, makes me remember how amazing and special his is...A handful.

So Im just doing the dishes and he askes me..."mom is you were a lollipop what would you be called??"

Hmmm Sassy Strawberry? How creative am I!

Well he says I would be Rainbowtwirlqueenprincesssberry...and something else!! that boy has an imagination for 10! Love it.

and now he is telling...MOMMY Im HUNGRYY!!

I think to myself ?? already didnt I just make lunch?

well back to the stove I go, thinking breaky for dinner?? mmmmm good.

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