Saturday, March 6, 2010

Itching for a camera!!

I want one sooo badly!
I can't wait, I want to take pictures, I miss it. But we have to wait...everything comes in time.
Right on alll the house has a stomach bug...Except moi! Cross fingers I don't get it!
Hmm jumped subject sleep a da do!
My beautiful husband has a magic show tonight for 300 peeps...Poor boy. I hope it goes well for him.

Well I got got a beautiful friend of mine give me all these beautiful clothing of hers to upcycle.
Its her daughters first bday soon, so Im going to make her some fancy new outfits. Got the jacket cut, not needs to be put together. ( its put together now...see...)

Hmm, this blog will be cut short, my baby girl is up...and CRANKY!! Helpp mommy hellp..
too cute for me. LEts go have a nice walk and breath fresh air.
A demain!


devonrose said...

Yes! You need a camera so you can take loads and loads of pics of your beautiful children. Thanks so much for your sweet comments! Hope you, Melodie and Sasha have a lovely day:)

Maman Bidule said...

:) Okay so Im going to sound corny...but how cool you were my first ever post..and Im so excited! okay I got it out.
I will then WATCH out world because here I come..okay well maybe not as far as that.
Thank you for taking time to look at my blog, means alot to me.
Have a fantastic day! Hope you and your prcious little Devon had a rockin day!