Thursday, March 11, 2010

Antoinette's UpCycled Shirt...Lace leggers and bubble shorts

Now here is it..made it last, been huming and wondering what to do, and I just stopped thinking and took my siccors and cut!!! I think the out come came out pretty cute!! So excited to show her. I wished I would of tooken a better picture of it before and after to show what it looked like. I really do need to start doing that, then show the transformation happen!

Then I finally got around and made some lace leggers....Cute! I got a whole bunch of other colors, going to make a few and put them up on my etsy.

Then I worked on making a pattern for bubble shorts, love bubble dresses...I found again one of my treasures this old pattern book from the 80's and it has the most fantastic things..they just need some twicking..then voila!! Its fun.

Oh can't forget to show Sasha digging to make a pond! haha such a funny boy! Or find China..."What? you mean China is done there...." What did I get myself into now I had to explain, and if you know Sasha he full full of questions..Love it.
Well Im soo berry tired today.....Sick babes just is draining. Wish her to be all better soon..oxox baby girl.

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