Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cabine FEVER!!

Still sick...when is it going to go away? trully really? I know this happens and kids can have up to 10colds in the season, but really? can my babes have a break? All these questions marks but its how I feel.Being stuck inside the house is not my things...at all. I feel trapped.
I got the sewing room finally done the way I have been wanting too, still needs works, but much better. Loving it.
Got Melodie and Our Bedroom done, Sasha got a good cleaning. Made my monkey laundry, diaper bag. For my few orders I got right now. I unfortunatly didn't get much sewing done. Did start my Mei Tai today...been a while since I have made one of those..trying something new...did a huge cut out on freezer paper of my logo. Thinks it might look good. :)

Well nothing else much, I mean days are long and Im tired!! hard to have sick babes.
Alot of TLC and toopy binoo!!!

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