Monday, March 1, 2010

Spring Summer Dress

Okay, so spring is almost here...wich means summer is even closer. Dresses!! and pretty things and sleeveless and fun times.

I wanted to bring something new and well here it is! Hope you all like it. I think its swell. Im also just starting to go bigger, meaning not just size 2!! My daughter is growing up, so I need to make bigger. This one my first one, is a size 7t!! I think its just fabulous! lurves the big pocket, the gathering...the flowers. Looks pretty snazzy too. Thanks to my gorgeous boy ( he likes to dress up...) he tried it on. Looks great, wich means it going to be gorgeous on once, its on a special little girl. I will bring different variations of it, but will go somewhere like this with it.

size 2t to 12yrs too. How exciting is that.

Well hope you all enjoy it! I do, I have such fun.

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