Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Its the small things that make me the happiest!

Sometimes and most of the time, its the small things that just get to me..

Doesn't have to be the biggest more expensive or extravagent..or even the most sales.

I love it and think its the best, when I have someone just tell me I just think this is soo beautiful and they took time out of their day to tell me.

My sewing, I do it trully because I just love doing it. To have people like it...completly a total bonus. I mean I do what I love. To see it grow too, is so unbelievably exciting! Trully you should see how excited I get about comments and feed back..even if theres no sales at all!!! I get all excited like I won the millions of dollar lottery. :)

Things here have been picking back up...The babes are seeming to be wanting to climb the mountain but again. YEAH! But I think the antibiotics are doing a number on my babe girl's tummy.

We went out yesterday for a beautiful walk, and she got to sleep the whole time outside, so wonderful the great fresh air. I took these pictures when she woke up...Lol thought she looks so funny. She's all in Maman Bidule Collection, I love it. Makes me so proud. She's my best advocate too.

Sasha and I are making Maple oatmeal cookies from the"Right Diet" book. Can't wait to taste them out!! yumm yummm.

Hope you are all having a good day!! And thanks for coming to see my blog!


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